Media Bulkloader

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This entry describes one process to create Media on Arctos. It is not the only method possible, and may not be most suitable for any given need. MVZ has developed specialized procedures to fit their workflow, for example.

  1. Get your Media - the binary objects - to a suitable web-accessible location. We recommend TACC, and they've provided various tools* to facilitate loading data. You may wish to create a preview of your Media at this time - you'll need to script that, do it manually, or coordinate with whomever is hosting your binary data.
  2. Locate related objects in Arctos. The Media Bulkloader cannot handle all realationships, and how relationships are formed is not always intuitive. See the Media Bulkloader for details.
  3. Populate the Media Bulkloader using the URI you've created in loading media, upload the CSV file, and follow the directions until you get a "spiffy" message.

* TACC tools include direct SCP access, various wrappers and tools using SCP access (such as the ALA Imaging project, which pushes DNG files from a local computer to TACC, creates thumbnails and high-resolution JPGs, and automatically associates images with barcoded specimens), a WEBDAV dropbox (contact us for access), and the ability to automatically push files uploaded to Arctos to TACC.