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It is sometimes necessary to move cataloged items from one collection or catalog number to another. When doing so, it is important to maintain a way of finding the specimen by it's original catalog number.

We recommend adding to the new cataloged item an explicit other_id_type, such as

  • UAM: University of Alaska Museum
and a complete GUID as other_id_number, such as
  • UAM:Mamm:12
Additionally, insert into table REDIRECT old and new paths, and Arctos will automatically redirect traffic. (From Arctos, Manage Data/Tools/Redirects).

For example, if DGR Mamm 123 is recataloged as MSB Mamm 456, enter:

old_path=/guid/DGR:Mamm:123; new_path=/guid/MSB:Mamm:456

This will cause to redirect to, thereby maintaining any external links to DGR:Mamm:123 in Arctos (e.g., from GenBank).