SQL Data Entry Editor

Data that have been entered to the Bulkloader may be manipulated using two forms:

1) Browse Bulk-->SQL

The SQL option from Browse Bulk opens a form where data administrators may review records entered by members of their data entry group and make changes to multiple records at once.

The initial page load contains all records that fit criteria specified on the Browse Bulk page (enteredby and accession number).

To filter records, enter up to three rules in the top (Create Filter) box. Click the Filter button to apply rules. The page will reload with only those records that meed your criteria. You may skip this step; updates will apply to whatever you see in the specimen grid at the bottom of the page. Filters are simply a way to reduce the number of records to which you apply updates.

Once only the records you are interested in appear in the Specimen Grid, use the Update box to apply updates to them all simultaneously. To update Accn for all records:

To flag all records as ready to load, pick Loaded in the Column side and Update To NULL. There is a link supplied, or you may type "NULL" in the Value field.

2) Browse Bulk --> View Table

The View Table option loads a Java applet which allows manipulation to individual cells in entered records. Simply enter any cell in the grid, change data as appropriate, and click Save Changes in Grid.

There is also a limited bulk operations widget at the top of this form. You may alter multiple record's LOADED value by selecting a new value and one filter option. The following updates all records LOADED value to NULL where specific locality, trimmed of leading or trailing spaces, is "fairbanks." This example will not get those records with the following locality information:
  • "Fairbanks" (this is a case-sensitive operation)
  • "Fairbanks Area" substrings are not considered)
However, terms with spaces will be affected:
  • "Fairbanks "
  • " Fairbanks"
  • " Fairbanks "