Arctos Procedures

We have begun this manual by adding responses to some recent questions and common issues. Content development is up to you, the Arctos community. Gordon and Dusty are available to provide technical information and to coordinate effort. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Communicate. Use the Arctos group to "claim" subjects or suggest content. Leave comments for posts that need expansion or correction.
  • Be as generic as possible. Write to a wide audience, and avoid unnecessary particulars that may be affected by minor changes to Arctos.
  • Resolve differences in the Arctos group. There is one best way to do much of what we do; we should strive to find it. If that is impossible, summarize and link to the appropriate subject in the Arctos group.
  • Write atomically and link to other subjects. Don't explain how to create an accession when describing data entry, for example. Create, as a "stub" if necessary, and/or link to the entry for Accessions.
  • Use labels. Click "view all" beside the "Labels for this post" box to see current values. Create a new label only when necessary.
  • Refer to the Arctos Definitions and Standards where appropriate.