MVZ Permit Report

So you want to print a permit report. Great!

First you search for your permit. Then when you have found the permit you want, select "Permit Report".Then you'll come to a screen like this.
If you want all of the specimens that were collected using this permit, hit "Generate the PDF". Otherwise, you may only want items from December of 2003. First, sort by date.
In this case, let's get rid of all the other months. What you want to do is "X" the rest of the dates. Each time you hit an "X" by a date, it will uncheck all specimens that are on the same date. In this case, I hit "X" by all the dates that weren't in December 2003, so I had hit a couple of "X"s
If I accidently hit "O" next to a wrong date (that selects all of them based on date), then I can just hit the "X" button to deselect them again.

Ok then. Let's look at the report.Looks great!