MVZ Permit Report

So you want to print a permit report. Great!

First you search for your permit. Then when you have found the permit you want, select "Permit Report".Then you'll come to a screen like this.
If you want all of the specimens that were collected using this permit, hit "Generate the PDF". Otherwise, you may only want items from December of 2003. First, sort by date.
In this case, let's get rid of all the other months. What you want to do is "X" the rest of the dates. Each time you hit an "X" by a date, it will uncheck all specimens that are on the same date. In this case, I hit "X" by all the dates that weren't in December 2003, so I had hit a couple of "X"s
If I accidently hit "O" next to a wrong date (that selects all of them based on date), then I can just hit the "X" button to deselect them again.

Ok then. Let's look at the report.Looks great!

Printing Specimen labels for MVZ

Suppose you want to print a bunch of labels to go along with your specimens in MVZ. Then, depending on your collection, you'll want to use "MVZ narrow labels" or "MVZ wide labels" from the specimen results page.
Then you'll face a page looking like this.
Now is the time to see if your labels are fine as is. Click on "Generate the PDF". On the next page, click "Get the PDF". Then the PDF with your labels will be downloaded. Open it up (if it isn't already opened) and see if it is ready for printing.As seen in this example, the geography is too long for catalog numbers 200045 and 200046, so they need to be modified. In this case, we want to change "Campground" to "Cmpgnd" for catalog numbers 200045-20046, but none of the others.

In this case, we need to use the Geography Modifiers.
Click the "Add new geography modifier" button. This will add a line containing three text inputs and one button. Find is what it looks for. Replace is what it replaces it with. Scope is which labels to affect. The button deletes the modifier.

I also put in the scope input "200045-200046".Then hit "Generate the PDF" and "Get the PDF" and see if your problems are solved.Hoorah! Notice how the other ones geographies were not changed.

In some cases, the parts list is too long. In that case, you need to use the Parts Matrix. If you need to use the Parts Matrix, then you can deselect a checkbox which will make the specimen of that row not have the part of that column.
In this case, Mammal 200040 will not have the "whole animal (alcohol)" part appear in its parts list when you next "Generate the PDF" and "Get the PDF". Additionally, one can hit "Select All" or "Deselect All" to change whether that part appears for all of the specimens, and this will simply check of uncheck all of the boxes in that column.

I hope this gives you an idea on how to use it.

Print labels using Access

How do I print funky little labels for MSB Mammal specimens?

Sign in to Arctos and search for specimens in the usual way. Select Label Data Download in the Manage menu and click Go.

Right-click and save the resulting CSV file. The name and location of this file will be important later. Put it somewhere convenient, and accept the default name.

Download the MSB_Labels.mdb Access template from the Arctos Group Files site.

From the Access Tables tab in the file you just downloaded, click New at the top.

Choose Link Table in the resulting popup and click OK.

Change Files of type to "Text." Find and select the file you just downloaded from Arctos. It should be named ArctosLabelData.csv.
Click Link.

Select Delimited in the resulting window, then click Next.

Change Text Qualifier to quote ( " ). Do this first or you'll get scary but harmless Microsoft errors.

Pick Comma as delimiter.

Check First Row Contains Field Names.

Click Finish.

From the main menu, click Reports. msbLabelReport (the only report currently in the DB) will contain labels for the file you downloaded from Arctos.

To print another group of labels, simply close Access (to prevent lock conflicts), search Arctos, and download the CSV as before. You should be prompted to over-write the existing CSV file. The new data will then automatically be available from the Access report.

If you wish to change anything with the MDB file, you can either request that I make the changes or make them yourself, but make sure to send me the updated version. I'll keep that on the download site so it's always available. I can change the data download as needed.

This is not intended to be a permanent solution. We'll find something better someday.