Entering Citations

[ https://arctosdb.wordpress.com/documentation/publications/#create_cite ]
Citations are a linkage between a cataloged item and a page in a publication. They contain little information, being essentially a connection between existing sets of information. Therefore in order to create citations, both the publication and the items must already be present in Arctos. The scientific name used by the authors must also be present. Most often this will be the same as the current identification of the specimen, but not always; that's why it's there.

Citations can be individually entered by finding the publication from the Publication/Project Search tab, clicking the Citation Button, and using the form (Citation.cfm) to enter the appropriate information. You will select the cited specimens by catalog number or an Other Identifier. And you will select the scientific name by which the item was cited.

In publications that cite numerous specimens, it is often possible and efficient to bulkload the citations, especially if they are in tabular form within an electronic copy of the document. This can be done by copying and pasting the table from the publication into a spreadsheet. It must then be formatted to exactly match the key fields in Arctos, and exported as a comma-delimited text file. The tool for uploading this file, and a detailed description of the file are found from Bulkload Citations on the Tool tab (BulkloadCitations.cfm).

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