Duplicate Agents

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There are duplicate agents in Arctos. What am I supposed to do about that?

First, make sure that there are actually two separate records for the agents. Identical agent names, between and among agents, is another issue and not covered here. Duplicate agents are two or more agent records that mean the same physical entity (THAT PARTICULAR John Smith; US Fish and Wildlife Service). It is not necessary for duplicate agents to share a name; in fact, they are often introduced because of misspellings. The "Agent Activity" link is a good place to make sure you're dealing with real duplicates.

Once you're sure you have duplicate agents, simply flag one of them as a "bad duplicate of" the other in Agent Relations. Generally, you will want to flag the record with least complete information and/or the least activity. The application to actually make the deletion must then be run manually.

Once agents are flagged, the actual agent cleanup process (Manage Data/Agents/Merge Bad Dup Agent) often involves individual analysis of agents in roles. Arctos will not merge agents used in Publications, those with Addresses, or otherwise differentiated at the Agent Name level. You may have to address errors individually.