How do I create a loan?

  1. Create (or find) the loan under the Transactions tab.
  2. Add the loan to one or more Projects, if appropriate, under Edit Loan.
  3. Click Add Items from Edit Loan to find specimens you want to include in the loan. This is the standard Specimen Search screen.
  4. You should see an itemized list of available parts for each specimen in Specimen Results after a successful search. To add a part to the loan, simply fill in the Remark and Instructions boxes, check the Subsample box if you wish to create and loan a subsample, and click the appropriate Add button. Note that Remarks and Instructions apply to individual items; remarks and instructions for the entire loan may be entered under Edit Loan.
  5. From Edit Loan, click the Review Items button to remove or edit loan items. Note that you cannot remove items with a disposition of "on loan."
  6. Fill in Shipment information on the Edit Loan form. Add agent addresses under Agents if necessary.
  7. Print forms using the Print tool.
Arctos allows transactions to have any number of Agents in various Roles. Some of those Roles have special significance to the application.
  • entered by: Populated with the person creating the loan's Login information.
  • in-house contact: Single person in the originating institution who should be contacted with questions about the loan.
  • outside contact: Single person in the receiving institution who should be contacted with questions about the loan.
All other roles may be populated as appropriate. See the code table for more specific documentation.

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