User setup

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How do I allow a user to enter data or perform other internal Curatorial tasks?

  1. New users must first create an account for themselves. Their account name must use only letters and numbers (ASCII characters A-Z, a-z, and 0-9) if they are to be operators. The name cannot begin with a number. (Public users can use any characters.) They must have an email address in their Profile.
  2. Under the Agents tab, create them as a new agent or locate them if they are an existing agent. Make sure they have a name-type of "login," and that their login name matches their Arctos username. These are case sensitive.
  3. From Management/Arctos/Arctos Users, click Invite to allow them to create an internal user account. They will have to ensure that their username is valid, pass certain password checks, etc. to become users.
  4. After the user has completed Step 3, assign them appropriate data and collection roles. Include the COLDFUSION_USER and DATA_ENTRY roles to enable data entry.

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