Data Entry Accession Format

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Why isn't my Accession Number accepted?

Collections own transactions by way of trans.collection_id. Collections own rows in the bulkloader/data entry application by way of collection_cde + institution_acronym. The default bulkloader behavior is to locate an accession based on the bulkloader data. Square brackets may be used to tell the bulkloader "ignore the collection in this row - go find an accession based on what's in the brackets."

Square brackets are required any time a record is to be attached to an accession belonging to another collection. Examples include.

  • A UAM Mammal Observation being entered into a UAM Mammal accession
  • An MVZ Bird being entered into an MVZ Mammal accession
Example Usage is follows. Collections are in italics.
  • Desired accession: UAM:Mamm 1234.123.Mamm
  • New Specimen: UAMObs:Mamm 9876
  • Default accession: UAMObs:Mamm 1234.123.Mamm (Does not and should not exist)
  • Value to enter for Accession: [UAM:Mamm]1234.123.Mamm
  • Desired accession: MVZ:Birds 14508
  • New Specimen: MVZ:Bird 183000 -Value to enter for Accession: 14508
  • New Specimen: MVZ:Mamm 250000 -Value to enter for Accession: [MVZ:Bird]14508
  • New Specimen: MVZObs:Bird 10 -Value to enter for Accession: [MVZ:Bird]14508

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